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B 44Features choice selections from several fine collections. Williams Patent Circular Plane, Knowles Patent smoother and Munks Patent smoother. Center-wheel plow planes by both the Ohio and the Sandusky Tool companies. Early phonographs. Adjustable wrenches. Patent Models. Salesmans Samples. Stanley boxed items including a No. 1, 2, 72 1/2 and many others. Patented planes include Traut, Bailey, Miller, Sargent, Morris, and many others. Very large selection of Stanley tools including 1, 2 C, 10 ¼ C, 11 Rabbet, 602 C to name a few. Model Shop Tools including the Stanley 145 Combination Plane. Bed Rocks. Infill planes by classic and modern makers. I. Nicholson and other 18th century makers. Gauges, squares, levels, and many other rare and unusual layout tools. Boxwood and ivory rules. Great selection of miniatures both old and modern. Chisels and slicks. Advertising and point of sale items. And, as always, a good selection of high-quality box lots.

753 lots.

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