Brown Auctions Here comes my RSS info 2021-08-04T06:51:37+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.3 B58-550 2021-04-18T12:32:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:32:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7127/b58-550 B58-550 CAST IRON INCLINOMETER. L.L. Davis. 12" version of Davis's iconic filigreed level. Second version with delicate casting. All corners and filigree intact, gold highlighting original and about 90%, good central vial container. Fine 200-400 B58-549 2021-04-18T12:33:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:33:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7126/b58-549 B58-549 SIGHTING LEVEL. A. Mathieson & Son No. 16D. Distinctive British type, with a sighting tube through the humpback shaped body with a large plumb vial contained in the distinctive hump. Rosewood, with full brass top and bottom plates and ends. Good+ 100-200 B58-548 2021-04-18T12:34:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:34:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7125/b58-548 B58-548 MANTLE CLOCK INCLINOMETER. Davis Level & Tool. First version of the iconic design manufactured by Davis L&T after it took over from L.L. Davis, without the gold highlighting. Japanning 90%, super clean dial. Fine 150-250 B58-547 2021-04-18T12:35:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:35:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7124/b58-547 B58-547 LEVEL WITH OUTBOARD VIAL. J & H.M. Pool. This type of level, with the plumb vial contained in a heavy brass holder mortised into the side of the stock, is generally unsigned but was attributed to the Pool brothers by Don Rosebrook (see Figure 3-2). Heavy mahogany stock, 21" x 2-1/4", a couple of small chips and rounded corners. Originally from the Rosebrook collection. Good+ 100-200 B58-546 2021-04-18T12:36:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:36:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7123/b58-546 B58-546 ROTATING VIAL INCLINOMETER. Unmarked but looks manufactured and we've seen other examples. 7" cast aluminum body, rotating center vial is locked in place by a spring loaded wire from the side. Good+ 100-200 B58-545 2021-04-18T12:37:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:37:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7122/b58-545 B58-545 PRECISION LEVEL. Starrett No. 199 IOB. Starrett's finest level for leveling machinery, 15" in its original finger-jointed box. A new one will run you at least $700, and this one is near mint. Fine 200-400 B58-544 2021-04-18T12:38:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:38:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7121/b58-544 B58-544 CAST IRON LEVEL. Davis & Cook. Sometimes known as the pretzel or pinwheel style, the 18" version with ogee ends. All cast iron D&Cs are uncommon but the shorter ones are rarer than the longer. This one has intact vial assemblies with minimal rust, japanning 95%, all corners intact. Good+ 300-600 B58-543 2021-04-18T12:39:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:39:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7120/b58-543 B58-543 LEVEL. Unmarked but looks manufactured and we think we've seen other examples. 10" long, hardwood that may be rosewood, brass vial plate, plumb surround and tips. Very attractive and well made. From the Don Rosebrook collection. Fine 100-200 B58-542 2021-04-18T12:40:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:40:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7119/b58-542 B58-542 MACHINIST'S LEVEL. Stratton Bros. No. 10. Stratton's signature product, the 6-1/2" version of Type 4 with no plumb vial, small amount of brass tarnish but otherwise in immaculate condition. Fine 200-300 B58-541 2021-04-18T12:41:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:41:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7118/b58-541 B58-541 SOLID IVORY BENCH LEVEL. Jacques Canivet. 6" long, decoratively carved ends, vial surround could be silver or German silver, which began to be used in the middle of the eighteenth century; it is richly engraved with "Canivet a La Sphere a Paris." Canivet, the nephew and student of the great Claude Langlois, was one of the most prolific and skilled makers of precision and scientific instruments in pre-revolution France. He worked at the "a La Sphere" address in the 1740s. The bubble is intact and looks original. A stunning piece, originally from the Roger Phillips collection. Fine 1000-2000 B58-540 2021-04-18T12:42:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:42:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7117/b58-540 B58-540 MACHINIST'S LEVEL. Stratton Bros. No. 10. Stratton's signature product, the 8" version of Type 2, slight dinging and brass tarnish but edges and corners crisp and clean. Fine 200-300 B58-539 2021-04-18T12:43:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:43:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7116/b58-539 B58-539 LEVEL. Henneberg Patent. Patented in 1897 by Gustav Henneberg of New York City, it features sliding brass panels to protect the vials. Unlike the few other examples we've seen, this one has an 18" two-piece stock and the level vials are crudely attached. It may be an early version, or its possible that someone transplanted the original working parts into a new stock. It's marked with the patent date and "I.SP.L Co.", an obscure early level maker. Good 200-400 B58-538 2021-04-18T12:44:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:44:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7115/b58-538 B58-538 INCLINOMETER. H.M. Rich Patent. Only a couple of these very rare inclinometers are known, and none of them are marked with Rich's name. See Rosebrook, page 103. This one is 12" long, japanning nearly intact, with decorative engraving around the adjusting knob. From the Dennis Fisher collection. Fine 1500-2500 B58-537 2021-04-18T12:45:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:45:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7114/b58-537 B58-537 INCLINOMETER. Short Version of Melick Patent. Rarest of the Melick inclinometers, 3-1/2" square, originally thought to have been cut down until one was found with its original box. Only a handful known. This one has some tarnish on the dial and nickel loss, but complete and works smoothly. Good+ 175-350 B58-536 2021-04-18T12:46:00+01:00 2021-04-18T12:46:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/7113/b58-536 B58-536 MODEL WRENCH. Hilary Klein Model of Bartholomew & Merrick Pipe Wrench. Patented January 2, 1849, and manufactured by Bemis & Call. As issued in the original walnut box. From the collection of Cecil Holmes. Fine 300-600 B58-385 2021-04-18T15:17:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:17:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6922/b58-385 B58-385 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY MOLDING PLANE. S. Doggett. Bead with quirks on both sides, 10" by 3-1/4" high, 1-1/4" profile, round chamfers, relieved wedge, B mark. Some minor staining but no damage. From the collection of Arnold "Jake" Johnson. Good+ 300-600 B58-384 2021-04-18T15:18:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:18:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6921/b58-384 B58-384 MOLDING PLANE. N. Brewer. 3/4" hollow, 9-3/4" long by 3" high, wide flat chamfers, fluted at heel and toe. A few small stains but otherwise very clean. Brewer's mark is unrated in AWP but it has a late eighteenth century look. From the collection of Bud Steere. Good+ 100-200 B58-383 2021-04-18T15:19:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:19:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6920/b58-383 B58-383 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY MOLDING PLANE. Cesar Chelor. Casing molding plane, 10" by 3" high, 3/4" profile (and marked 3/4 on heel). Skewed cutter. Wide flat chamfers and fluting. A mark, very clear. A hole and some dents in the heel and two user initials, but the wood is otherwise near new. From the collection of Arnold "Jake" Johnson. Good+ 1400-2400 B58-382 2021-04-18T15:20:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:20:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6919/b58-382 B58-382 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY MOLDING PLANE. I. Nicholson. Side bead, 9-7/8" long by 3" high, 5/8" profile., narrow flat chamfers, relieved wedge. Stain on right cheek and chipping along edge of sole, A2 mark. From the Bud Steere collection. Good 250-500 B58-381 2021-04-18T15:21:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:21:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6918/b58-381 B58-381 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY MOLDING PLANE. I. Gould. Cove with astragal, 10" by 3" high, 1-1/4" profile, wide flat chamfers with fluting and relieved wedge. Two different sets of user initials, stamped into toe and carved into right cheek, but otherwise immaculate condition. A mark, four stars in AWP. From the collection of Arnold "Jake" Johnson. Good+ 300-600 B58-380 2021-04-18T15:22:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:22:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6917/b58-380 B58-380 YANKEE PLOW. F. Nicholson. 10" long with riveted iron skate and wide flat chamfers. Unusual early variation with both wedges facing forward and no thumb screws. All wedges original. There's an old check in the toe that connects to a chip in the right cheek ahead of the wedge, repaired with a rosehead nail, typical splits in the shoulders and wear to the end of arms. Very clear B mark. Good+ 5000-10000 B58-379 2021-04-18T15:23:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:23:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6916/b58-379 B58-379 MOLDING PLANE. R. Eastburn. Complex profile with quirk ovolo and bead, 1-3/4" total profile width but marked "7/8" on heel, spring marked and double boxed, 9-1/2" long by 3-1/4" high. C mark. New Jersey's earliest planemaker. Like new. From the Bud Steere collection. Fine 100-200 B58-378 2021-04-18T15:24:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:24:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6915/b58-378 B58-378 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY MOLDING PLANE. H. Wetherell. Soft astragal and cove, spring marked, 9-1/2" long by 3-1/2" high, 1-1/8" profile, rounded chamfers, relieved wedge, Wetherell's C Middletown mark, a couple of tight checks in the toe and user name on the heel, otherwise super clean. From the Bud Steere collection. Fine 150-250 B58-377 2021-04-18T15:25:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:25:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6914/b58-377 B58-377 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY MOLDING PLANE. H. Wetherell. Dropped astragal and cove, 9-1/2" long by 3-3/8" high, 7/8" profile, flat chamfers, relieved wedge, Wetherell's A Chatham mark with crowns, super clean. From the Bud Steere collection. Fine 150-250 B58-376 2021-04-18T15:26:00+01:00 2021-04-18T15:26:00+01:00 /auction/list-auctions/viewbids/6913/b58-376 B58-376 TONGUE PLANE. J.B. Smith. 11-3/8" long, cuts a 1/4" tongue, closed tote (reglued), metal wear plates, scratches on right cheek by escapement. Smith's A mark, five stars in AWP. From the Bud Steere collection. Good 100-200