B 37All color format with all tools photographed.

From the Ed Mills Collection we are offering an outstanding collection of Stanley-in-the-box items. The David Fessler Collection will feature a wide selection of great and unusual tools from all the trades. And the Bill Phillips Collection has contributed world-renowned Pennsylvania ironwork including 15 goosewing axes all by different Pennsylvania makers. Some of the highlights: Lee's stop chamfer plane in gunmetal. F. Nicholson crown molder. Bailey split frame and vertical post planes. Plus a large selection of inclinometers and levels. Many point-of-sale advertising displays. Plow planes in rosewood, boxwood, and ebony. Boxwood and ivory rules. Patented planes by Bailey, Bladin, Gage, Phillips, Sandusky, Morris, Mayo, Sargent, Rodier, Star, Traut, Miller, and many others. Patented braces and drills. Goosewing axes. Early ironwork and kitchen wares. Log caliper with wheel. And, as always, a good selection of high-quality box lots.

829 lots. 72 pages. Full color

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