October 31-November 1, 2014
Choice selections from several fine collections.  Union No. 0 plane in fine condition.  Plow planes including, solid body, mint J.H. Lamb silver-mounted, Greenfield with solid nuts,  Sandusky boxwood center wheel.  Unique Cheney adjustable wrench with both original patent papers.  Only known example of H. Porter ratchet brace.  G. Cuppers mantle clock inclinometer, one of only two known.  Patented planes include Silcock, Fales, Birmingham, Eclipse, Sargent, Bowden.  Set of Hilary Klein miniature wrenches.  Several L. Bailey planes, including Victor and Defiance models.  Large selection of Stanley planes in original boxes.  Wooden planes including rare and early makers.  Boxwood rules in mint condition.  Gauges, squares, levels and many other rare and unusual layout tools.  Wrenches, drills, aws, hammers, wrenches, chisels, and slicks.  Tools boxes and benches.  Typewriters, pencil sharpeners, and other office items.  Surveying and scientific instruments.  Patent models and salesman’s samples.  Advertising and point of sale items.  And, as always, a good selection of high quality box lots.

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