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End date: 10/30/2020 19:00
Rate: B57-089
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B57-089 MODERN MAKER. Set of Pfeil and Quackwood Carving Tools. Includes 20 gouges of different sizes and profiles, both straight and cranked, and a "Brienz" school carving knife, all marked "Swiss Made" but clearly by Pfeil. Plus a set of nine numbered Quackwood carving knives beautifully figured handles that look like ebony. In a 20" by 13" box, the Pfeils are in two trays, each in its own compartment, and the Quackwoods are in a separate compartment, with each blade protected by a styrofoam block. Dead mint condition. Includes extra red and blue nylon roll for chisels. New 1200-2400 **All bids must be placed by end of day Friday, October 30, 2020. Auction takes place live-in-person at the Wyndham Garden, York, PA, at 9:00am, Saturday, October 31. Successfully placed bids will be found under My Bids. Current high bids may be obtained by emailing finetoolj@gmail.com or calling (800) 248-8114**

9 days, 12:37:28
9 days, 12:37:28
9 days, 12:37:28
9 days, 12:37:28