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End date: 10/30/2020 19:00
Rate: B57-183
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B57-183 ALUMINUM JACK PLANE. Stanley No. A5. Between 1925 and 1935 Stanley had the bright idea of making its line of Bailey-type planes with aluminum bodies to make them lighter and easier to handle. Unfortunately they also scratched very easily and oxidized. leaving black streaks on the wood. They?re scarce, and this is a very nice example with only very minor scratching on the bed. Early type with sweetheart cutter and patent date cast into the bed, orange lever cap with immaculate nickel plating. Tote with intact decal is so pristine we are suspicious it may be a replacement but very well done. If you are only going to have one A5 in your collection this is it. Fine 100-200 **All bids must be placed by end of day Friday, October 30, 2020. Auction takes place live-in-person at the Wyndham Garden, York, PA, at 9:00am, Saturday, October 31. Successfully placed bids will be found under My Bids. Current high bids may be obtained by emailing finetoolj@gmail.com or calling (800) 248-8114**

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