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End date: 10/30/2020 19:00
Rate: B57-457
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B57-457 RABBET PLANE. Bennett Patent. Patented on 9/11/83 by John Bennett of Green Island, NY, unmarked but identical to the patent drawings. The patented feature was the depth stop that slides in a slot on the body. 9-1/4" long and all cast iron. There's a tight crack that runs almost the width of the sole but otherwise very clean. The only one we've ever seen, and not pictured in PTAMPIA, although it's similar to the Hilles patent in Figure 173 of PTAMPIA I. Good+ 400-800 **All bids must be placed by end of day Friday, October 30, 2020. Auction takes place live-in-person at the Wyndham Garden, York, PA, at 9:00am, Saturday, October 31. Successfully placed bids will be found under My Bids. Current high bids may be obtained by emailing finetoolj@gmail.com or calling (800) 248-8114**

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