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Item no.: 161886353330
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Ending in: 6 days, 04:33:14
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End date: 05/14/2021 19:30
Rate: B58-068
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B58-068 GRASSHOPPER MARKING GAUGE. Most of these are made of wood, this one is cast steel and a solid heavy piece of work. 6-1/2" fence and 7" stem with dual arms, locking screws in each but no blade or point. Hand cast locking wingnut. Hand marked, and stamped "W.R.I. 1910" and "P. Paouin." Don't drop it on your toe. Good+ 100-200

6 days, 04:33:14
6 days, 04:33:14
6 days, 04:33:14
6 days, 04:33:14