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127. BIEL ADJUSTABLE WRENCH. Original Wrench and Hilary Klein Model. These quick adjust wrenches were manufactured by the P.J. Biel Mfg. Co. of Terre Haute, IN, as both a nut and pipe wrench (Schulz #660). The patent is unknown, although Biel and his partner Joseph Urban were subsequently granted a patent for a different wrench. The wrench itself is extremely rare with only a couple of examples known; this is the pipe wrench version, 12-1/2", marked with Biel's name, cleaned and in nice condition. Plus the lot includes the Klein model, in its original walnut casket. Fine 1,200 - 1,800

212. THREE ARM PLOW PLANE. Chapin-Rust Patent. First version of the Chapin-Rust 1868 patent with flat outer arms, see PTAMPIA I, plate 76, but with steel arms. Marked Union Factory No. 239-1/2, applewood, boxed, overall light dinging but no damage, one marked cutter, user name on toe. Very clean version of an iconic patented plow plane. From the collection of Bud Steere. Good+ 800 - 1500

344. IRON BENCH PLANE. Loughborough Patent. Among the rarest and most sought after of the early patented planes, based on William Loughborough's first 1854 patent and manufactured for only two years by G & J Telford of Rochester. Nearly identical to the example shown in Figure 20 of PTAMPIA I, including the markings cast into the toe, but with a rosewood knob and intact beech tote. One of the holy grails of patented plane collectors. With surface oxidation and some dinging but no damage. Good+ 2,500 - 5,000

345. ADJUSTABLE SOLE PLANE. Williams Patent. Very rare example of the design patented in 1864 by Stephen Williams of Philadelphia. Described as a "universal plane", the body is comprised of eight sliding wooden segments clamped together by a brass band, with the patent information stamped, partly worn but legible. Butcher cutter with small chip from edge. Only a handful known and this is the best we've seen. Fine 3,000 - 5,000 and 164. FLEXIBLE SOLE PLANE. Stanley No. 113 IOB. Type 4, first type with standard Bailey frog and lever cap. 1892 patent cutter. Plane is near fine with minor surface rust, 95% japanning. Fully intact box with some original packing paper and complete Type 4 lime green label, extra nice. From the collection of Bud Steere. Fine 300 - 600

350. COMBINATION PLANE. Gunmetal Miller's 1872 Patent. Rarest of the combination planes based on Charles Miller's patent, manufactured by Russell & Erwin for one year as the No. 50. The cast iron version is rare enough, but the gunmetal version is one of the holy grails of tool collecting. Casting is crisp and free of any breaks or chips, rosewood knob is very clean. No cutters. Fine 12,000 - 24,000

361. INFILL CHARIOT PLANE. Norris Cupid's-Bow No. 28. Gunmetal body with sweated steel 3-3/4" sole, mahogany wedge and infill with light wear but no damage, marked gunmetal bridge with rare cupid's-bow shape, original marked 1-1/2" iron, matching assembly numbers on iron, wedge and body. Steel strike button on heel with tool merchant Buck & Ryan stamp. A very rare and exceptional plane. From a legendary private collection of infill and metal planes. Good+ 1800 - 2200

367. TILT HANDLE INFILL REBATE PLANE. Norris. Never listed in any Norris catalogue and available only by special order; you can count the known examples on one hand. Cast steel body with 13-1/2" sole, rosewood fill and bun. Has handle that can be tilted to different angles and is locked by a gunmetal knob. 2-1/4" original marked iron with Norris's patented adjustment. In near mint condition with a couple of tiny scratches, and this will probably be your only chance to own one. From a legendary private collection of infill and metal planes. Fine 5,000 - 10,000

394. YANKEE PLOW. Cesar Chelor. Splits in both shoulders, some mild staining, arms locked by carved wingnuts, tombstone depth stop. A mark, very clear. Good+ 800 - 1500

403. SCREW-ARM PLOW PLANE. E.W. Carpenter. Rare handled version of the screw arm plow patented in 1838 by Carpenter. Boxwood body, arms and outer nuts; tote is a separate piece of rosewood attached by brass brackets, fence is boxwood and rosewood. The locking nuts are rosewood, and where most examples are badly chipped, these are very clean with a couple of minor chips. The threads are absolutely immaculate, clear Lancaster stamp on the toe. Minor chips around the locking wedges on the shoulder, cutter spalled, skate pitted. Overall one of the finest, cleanest example of the historic Carpenter plow we've seen. From the Don Rosebrook collection. Fine 5,000 - 9,000

434. MINIATURE COFFIN PLANE. Israel White. Israel White of Philadelphia was one of the most prolific and important planemakers of the early nineteenth century. This plane is made of layers of ebony, boxwood and rosewood dovetailed together. White is known to have made a small number of planes of this design, but the diminutive size, along with the elaborate inlay work, which includes a sterling plaque with "1839", the year of his death, suggest that it was made as a memorial piece, either by his widow Charlotte or his nephew Henry, both important planemakers in their own right, or one of his journeymen. In addition to the dovetailed body (3-7/8" long), the wedge is made of interlocking pieces of boxwood and ebony with an elaborate heart-shaped dovetail joint. The wedge has an inlaid profile of a wooden plane with a sterling plaque engraved "I. White" as well as three nested hearts of ebony, mother of pearl, and brass. As mentioned above, there is a heart-shaped sterling inlay engraved "1839" in front of the throat, and a second heart-shaped inlay on the heel. There was originally an inlay on the toe, which unfortunately has been lost over the years (as has the cutter), but even without the inlay it is a unique part of American planemaking history as well as a thing of beauty. Highly recommended. Fine 3,000 - 5,000

524. Pair of Robert Baker Mitre Planes. From the time period of Bob's most exemplary work; he intended these to be a sold as a sequentially numbered set. 3-1/4" and 5" dovetailed steel soles, infill is an exotic hardwood, possibly Cuban mahogany, gunmetal lever caps marked "R. Baker 2005," unmarked low angle snecked irons. Stamped 146 and 147. Both in immaculate condition and a things of beauty. From a legendary private collection of infill and metal planes. Fine 1500 - 3000

534. SMOOTHING, RABBET & FILLETSTER PLANE. Bailey Victor No. 11. The rarest of Bailey's Victor line. The plane itself is rare enough, but this one is complete with the always-missing depth stop and fence. Japanning on the bed is nearly complete, about 50% on the lever cap, proper marked cutter, good casting on knob. Better grab it while you can; it'll be a long time before you see another. Fine 3,000 - 6,000

538. STOP CHAMFER PLANE. Lee Patent. Cast iron version of Joseph Lee's iconic stop chamfer plane. Lee was constantly fiddling with the design; this one has the nickel-plated gothic window design and cutter holder pinned to the frame as shown in PTAMPIA I, Plate 19. Fence adjustment screw has a collar with six lobes that looks original. Not marked with Lee's or Thurston's name. Mahogany tote very clean; japanning mostly intact. Fine 4,000 - 8,000

548. BLOCK PLANE. Mathias Mayo. Mayo is best known as the guy who improved the Phillips patent plow, but he also manufactured these block planes, which are far more rare. 8-1/8" sole, pivoting lever cap. Original brass cap screw with ornate engraved "M" is very clear, and original cutter marked "Mayo's." Gold paint that we haven't seen before but looks old. From a legendary private collection of infill and metal planes. Good+ 600 - 1200

566. CORNER LEVEL. Millers Falls No. 20. Probably the rarest level in the MF line, 4" on each side, japanning complete, good original vial. Fine 300 - 600

597. FELLOES PLANE. Three of these planes are known, and two of them were found in a wheelwright's shop, leading to the conclusion that they were used to cut the felloes, or wooden outer rim, of wheels. In an article in volume 56 of the Chronicle, John Whelan described the plane and its possible function in detail. It is similar in design to a plow, with wedge-locking arms, but the fence and body are curved, and there are skewed cutters and nickers in both fence and body. The plane is well made of beech but isn't signed, and the number "4" is stamped on both body and fence. The wedges are also numbered to the plane, and are of an unusual design in which the finials bear on the body. As Whelan describes, the other known examples are also numbered in the same manner and have the same design wedges. A highly unusual specialized plane, in pristine condition. Fine 800 - 1500

623. INFILL JOINTER PLANE. A. Mathieson & Son. Steel body with dovetailed 22-1/2" sole, rosewood infill and closed tote, original marked 2-1/4" iron. Some very light pitting on right cheek and a couple of user names, grooves carved on side of iron, otherwise near fine. From a legendary private collection of infill and metal planes. Good+ 1400 - 1800

631. SKEW INFILL ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER PLANE. Norris No. A20E. One of the rarest planes in the Norris catalogue, gunmetal with 8" by 1-1/2" sweated sole and ebony infill, stamped "A20" on the toe but the "A20E" designation was used for ebony fills. Proper marked Norris Iron with patented iron adjustment. There are a couple of tiny chips from the rear of the infill and some light surface rust on the iron; otherwise like new. From a legendary private collection of infill and metal planes. Fine 3000 - 6000

700. HOLLOW AUGER. A.A. Wood Universal B1 IOB. The adjustable hollow auger based on Wood's 1900 patent in near mint condition with a couple of tiny chips to the japanning. The box is intact with intact label. Includes original instruction card. Fine 150 - 300